eZee Cloud

eZee BurrP! Now Available on Cloud

eZee BurrP! now can be accessed via Cloud, this allows hoteliers and restaurateurs to access the system from anywhere. This new option will allow hotels and restaurants to take full advantage of the full fledged features as offered in our desktop version.

eZee BurrP! on cloud will give the same amount of freedom and accessibility as the desktop counterpart to restaurants. It will also allow us to offer improved accessibility and flexibility without heavy investment and setup. Being on cloud, you would only require a stable internet connection and use it to manage all the operations efficiently and effectively.

Few of the many key advantages the cloud versions offers

  • No installation required or hardware requirements
  • Minimum hardware investment
  • Low monthly payment plans making it easy to adapt
  • Always get the updated version of the software
  • 24X7 Support, no additional costs
  • All the third party hardware and software interfaces like the desktop version
  • Access operations of your hotel or restaurant from anywhere

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